Keratin Lash Lift

Today’s beauty trends are all about healthy shiny hair, flawless skin, minimalistic natural make-up. A Keratin lash lift is an invaluable procedure because it does miracles to lashes. Lashes look longer and thicker with no effort.

Lash Lift procedure

  • Nurishes and lengthens natural lashes.
  • Gives naturally straight lashes beautiful curve.
  • Effect lasts 4-8 weeks, depending on bio-specifics of particular client.
  • Increases lashes’ density.
  • Provides an optical ilusion of eyelid lifting and wide open ‘doll’s’ eyes.

Lash Lift should be avoided if

  • You have skin intollerance to silicone.
  • You had an eye operation.
  • You currently have an eye infection.

At Olena Nardin Estetica Lash Lift procedures are conducted with the use of high quality serums from UK and Switzerland.

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Brows Architecture & Henna/Tint

If you are a lucky girl with naturally bushy brows and you feel like a little clean up is required, it is best to trust this part to a professional. Everything should be taken into consideration – face shape, eyes positioning, facial proportions, natural assymetry, etc. At Olena’s studio there is a vast variety of European tints (Spainish, German origins) and hennas (from Indonesia and Russia).

Olena is well trained and expierienced to help everyone with brow shaping and tinting. Depending on the client’s request and Olena’s beauty suggestions, the best and unique solution will be found for each visitor.

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