How do you sterilize permanent makeup tools?

At Olena Nardin Estetica only sterile disposable tools are used for PMU procedure. Other instruments involved in permanent makeup procedures such as scissors and tweezers are exposed to pre-sterilization followed by autoclave.

Our procedure room is thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. The work environment is regularly treated by bactericide lamp.


Is it painful?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Only a small percentage of customers consider the procedure very sensitive. A high quality topical anaesthetic is applied during treatments to help with any discomfort.


What are contraindications for permanent procedure?

Procedures CANNOT  be done if client has:  Hemophilia, Diabeties, Hepatitis (A,B,C,D,E,F), HIV+, Skin Diseases (Eczema, Psoriasis), Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious Diseases, High Fever, Epilepsy, Cardiovascular Problems, Pregnancy, Individual Intolerance, Anaesthetic Allergies, Nickel Allergies.


How long is the tattooed area bruised after procedure?

Skin reaction to permanent makeup process differs depending on how tender it is and how many blood vessels are located nearby. For instance, freshly tattooed brows look great right after treatment, where as lips and eyelids will get bruised for a short period of time. Hematomas might appear (and stay for up to 2 days), if the client has bigger blood vessels located close to skin surface.


How does it heal?

Complete skin healing for all areas takes 4-5 weeks. Client aftercare is just as important for healed results as the artist’s PMU work. Therefore, clients should strictly follow instructions and use healing supplies provided by Olena.


How can I extend life of my Permanent Makeup?

In order to make your permanent makeup last, use SPF 50 moisturizers in brow area.


What are the side effects of Permanent Makeup?

  • Sensitivity during procedure.
  • Bruising to bigger or smaller extent.
  • Hematomas.

Possible complications:

  • Allergic reaction to pigment or anaesthetic. Allergic reaction could be prevented by completing patch-test prior to procedure.
  • Post traumatic red eye. Symptoms of this are itchy eyes, sensation of sand in eyes. This side effect might appear if client straight after procedure spends time outdoors in windy weather conditions or close to drafts.
  • Cold sores. Client can significantly lower possibility of cold sores by taking anti-cold sore medication prior to procedure of lips micro-pigmentation.


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One more time about Permanent makeup

The art of tattoo has been around for about 8 000 years. Permanent Makeup, on the other hand, is much newer. This method of enhancing natural beauty was favoured even by Cleopatra. However, new era in permanent makeup started in 1891, when the very first brows were tattooed in the USA. Nowadays permanent makeup is favoured by women of different ages. It could be done for brows, eyes, lips, beauty marks, areolas and even to camouflage scars.

The quality of permanent makeup depends on craftsmanship of particular professionals, equipment used and pigment quality. The craftsman should have a deep knowledge of face proportions, understand client’s character and be good at colour theory.

When it comes to equipment choice, only machines designed for permanent makeup processing should be used. These type of machines allow pigment insertion with the least trauma for skin. The formula is simple: more traumatized skin = less pigment retention. For instance if a coil machine, which is normally used in body tattoo industry,  is used in a permanent makeup procedure, very likely the outcome will be scars, and brow hair and lash loss. During permanent makeup procedures with a proper machine, pigment is placed in skin no deeper than 1mm.

Pigment quality is another essential component that affects micro pigmentation results. It is important to use permanent make-up pigments and not tattoo pigments. Tattoo pigments have different molecular structure and behave in skin slightly different. They easier transform their colour to basic ones (red, blue) and there is a chance that they will cause colour stains on the skin right beside the tattooed area.

Well done permanent makeup lasts 1-2 years. The life of permanent makeup depends a lot on skin qualities. For mature and drier skin, results will last longer. Whereas, for younger oilier skin it will be less, because of higher exfoliating activity of this skin type.


Manual Micro Pigmentation

Manual method is the oldest of them all. It does not use a machine as the artist is the power source. The tools used are pre-sterilized and disposable. Via specific artist’s manipulation pigment is placed in the top skin layer at 0.3 – 1mm depth. Results of manual micro pigmentation look extremely natural. Healing process is quite comfortable and fast.

The whole procedure of brow manual micro pigmentation takes about 2.5h. Within this time the artist finds perfect brow shape for client’s face, gets customer approval for chosen brow project, does micro pigmentation, and communicates with customer about after care. The procedure involves minimal discomfort, and is done with topical anaesthetic.

Manual technique can be applied in brow zone (a.k.a microblading), eyeliner and lips areas. No other technique is able to provide result as beautiful, natural and soft as the manual one.

The effect from manual makeup stays for 1.5-2 years. Just like other kinds of permanent makeup, it requires a touch up session in order to extend life of results.  It should be mentioned that longevity of permanent make up results depends on age, skin type, lifestyle. For instance, younger client, with strong immune system, oily skin tone and sun tanning favouring will notice that permanent makeup result vanish in one year or so. Whereas older clients, people with weaker immune system, dry skin and SPF product fans will enjoy results for much longer.

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