Often a Semi-permanent Make-up Artist is asked, “Can you please give me ideal brows?” However, ‘ideal’ is a very subjective term. Even classic make-up schools (French, Russian and Hollywood ones) picture perfect brows differently. Your brows shouldn’t be necessarily perfect. It is not good to blindly fall for any brow fashion trend. We need to find what is best for the only one and unique YOU. It is sufficient if your brows are proportional and frame your face beautifully. The most important thing is that what you see in the mirror gives you a sense of confidence, satisfaction and you simply like yourself.

Trendy brows can be achieved through different techniques depending on the desired results. Some want their brows to be more pronounced and defined, while some wish to keep them slim and elegant. Others want to simply change a tired face expression for more youthful and fresh look.
Olena Nardin Estetica can offer its customers a whole palette of semi-permanent brows’ techniques. Here are your choices:

Semi Permanent Makeup Artist

Semi-permanent Make-up in Microblading technique

Microblading is a manual technique of facial tattoo that imitates brow hairs. Hair strokes created by the artist blend perfectly with natural ones to create fuller brows of a desired, natural-looking shape. There is no one brow pattern that will work for every customer, therefore, Olena uses her extensive knowledge and experience to create the perfect and Permanent Eyebrows Makeup Regina to suit your unique face.

At Olena Nardin Estetica, microblading can be done in the following styles:

– European Brow (Style 1)
– European Brow (Style 2)
– European Brow (Style 3)
– Asian Brow
-Men’s Brow

Semi-permanent Make-up in Shading Technique

Shading Technique is done by machine and gives the effect of a soft, made-up brow. This technique can be done in various intensities and creates either defined, graphic brows or airy, powdery, natural-looking brows.

Shading can be done in a transparent manner, as a light shadow trace and serve a client for 6 months only. It is not recommended for mature skin or for customers who sun tan a lot, but is a perfect solution for those who do not want anyone to guess that they got something done, or for those who likes to change their style often.

Semi-permanent Make-up in 3D Technique

In order to create visual volume, the two techniques mentioned above could be combined.
Microblading and Shading can be applied with different intensity and amount for certain parts of brows. When different pigments colours are involved, the process turns into real art.

3D Brows can look extra natural if each hair has a shadow. In this case, shading is done in a special manual technique beside each microbladed hair.
Whichever technique you will choose, your new HD Brows Makeup will inevitably change your face. Brows matter. Emotional impression and face attractiveness are very dependent on our brows.

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