The face can really benefit when lip makeup is done beautifully. Permanent Lips Makeup Regina can last for 6 to 24 months. Semi-permanent lip makeup can be almost unnoticeable, or in contrast – very decorative. It can be added by several variations of shading, of various intensity and applied for different depth. It all depends on the goal client wants to achieve through this procedure:

– to add fullness
– to define contour
– to change natural colour
– increase/decrease volume
– correct asymmetry

The tattoo artist applies different techniques to achieve desired results. It is important to understand which style you prefer.

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Lip Contour

This style, as an independent procedure, is mostly used to achieve the effect of more pronounced lip borders, if natural ones had vanished (for example due to cold sores).

Contour with Shading

This style combines lip contour and a partial colour fill that gradually changes from thick application to a fine, transparent one. Contour can be crisp and contrasting, or very soft and match shading, or even slightly lighter than shading.

Complete fill

During this procedure, lips are entirely colored with pigment. This stile perfectly imitates matte lipstick if pigment densely applied, or very transparent lipstick if applied lightly.

Natural or Pastel

Lips done in a natural way have no obvious contour. Colour for this procedure should almost match natural lip color. This technique solves the same problems as previously mentioned ones, but serves customer for 6 months only.

3D Lips

Working in 3D style the artist is able to combine different makeup and technical solutions in order to that “puffy lips” effect. The artist can combine several colors, apply color flare, or highlight/darken certain lips’ areas.

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