Semi-Permanent Make Up Program

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The Style Academy proudly presents a high-level Semi-Permanent Make-Up Program instructed by Olena Nardin Estetica. During 3 days of hands-on intense training, Students of the Academy will obtain the skill of skin micro-pigmentation. Further 3 months of supported guidance will help students to perfect the acquired knowledge and become a confident, independent Semi-permanent Makeup Professional.

Moreover, students will have the opportunity to spend 1 day at the Olena Nardin Estetica workplace as an apprentice! This additional program bonus will allow beginners in the micro-pigmentation field to experience the sterile environment of an SPMU studio, see how an SPMU Artist communicates with clients and further stages of the SPMU procedure.


Semi-permanent Make Up program contains the following Courses:

Manual Techniques
• Microblading Basic Course
• Microblading Advanced Course
• Manual Shading

Shading Techniques
• Ombre Brows
• SPMU Liner
• SPMU Lips

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