Permanent Makeup Laser Removal

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It is not a secret that Permanent Makeup has a chance for a defective outcome when the client is stuck with a bad result. The main reason for this is an abundance of under-qualified technicians in the industry. There seems to be a cookie-cutter approach to Permanent Makeup training which bakes endless amounts of come-and-go courses. Such courses barely imitate training for this most difficult art of Permanent Makeup.
Today, Permanent Makeup is very popular. Unfortunately, the number of unhappy clients due to services performed improperly is growing. Fortunately, Laser Removal is a solution to these situations. Laser removal is an effective and safe method when used by a properly trained professional. In order to have this procedure done with minimal risks to the patient, a laser removal practitioner should: have an excellent understanding of laser application processes, be exact while choosing laser equipment settings (depending on skin type, pigment quantity, depth of its insertion, density and pigment color).
With a few sessions, laser helps to get rid of undesired pigments in the skin. However, some clients are against laser removal because of negative reviews on the web and are scared to try the procedure. Another reason is that they do not have factual information about the procedure.

Modern lasers work as a series of ultrasonic flashes within a nanosecond range emitting immense power. This flash of energy is being selectively absorbed by tattoo-pigment granules. The granules’ temperature increases to thousands of degrees and turns into an explosive laser wave. This wave distributes into the dermis layer of the skin and crushes pigment granules into small fractions. The skin tissue macro-phagocytes consume the milled fragments of artificial pigment and eliminate them from the skin through lymphatic paths.

Olena Nardin is a certified Laser technician and is qualified to work with clients who previously had a bad tattoo/permanent makeup result. Olena Nardin Estetica business always prioritizes clients interests and finds the best aesthetic solution.